Thursday, April 21, 2016

Empty Rooms Don't Have to be Scary...

When it comes to figuring out how to arrange your furniture, you don’t need a professional designer. It’s simply a matter of common sense. Figure out what you like, colors, textures, artwork, etc… to get ideas, start by looking online or through popular furniture catalogs such as , Wayfair, Pottery Barn, Pier One, World Market Crate and Barrel and then follow these simple steps.

Choose a focal point

Once again, this doesn’t have to be hard to figure out. More times than not it’s your favorite part of the room, a fireplace, mantel, perhaps it’s windows that look out onto a beautiful scenery. Whatever your focal point is, it’s important to know what it is before your start arranging your furniture.

Be prepared to rearrange and rearrange again!

If you are moving into a new home, don’t rush out and go buy furniture right way, and don’t go and buy all your furniture at once. I would advise you to just live in the space a while. You might be surprised to see that some of your pieces you have will work great in your new space.  And sometimes your furniture takes on a whole new purpose in a new space.  Adding pieces here and there helps prevent that “matchy matchy” look. You want your pieces to compliment each other not match. This can be obtained by integrating coordinating fabrics and patterns.

If you have the luxury of a large room take advantage of the size of the room, don’t push the furniture against the walls, use the middle of the room to create an intimate space. Even if you are working with a smaller space, keep a bit of distance off the walls if at all possible. Placing furniture a little bit of away from the walls, gives your furniture life.

The scale of your furniture is also just as important. I’m not big on using graphics, paper and pencil to the exact measurement, I think it’s more important to eye the actual room and visualize what you see in the room, it will inspire your creativity. The one exception I have for using an exact measurement is when it comes to the sofa… especially if your putting your sofa in front of a wall (notice I didn’t say up against the wall).  I prefer using occasionally chairs, and believe it or not these can be quite comfortable and help to create conversation space.

All chairs/seating do not need to face the TV! Chances are your room a multi-purpose room. Create a conversation space, you want the sofas and chairs to face each other (not necessarily straight on, but close), and they should be close enough that you can have a natural conversation with the person seated across from you without having to raise your voice. If the room is too large, create multiple conversation areas.

Once you’ve established your conversation space.. it’s important to use the right size rug it will help define the space

Remember not all furniture in the room belongs under the area rug. Exposing flooring around the edges of the room is important, but when using an area rug you want to make sure it’s big enough that all the front legs of your larger pieces sit on the edge of the rug. This helps to balance the room as well.

Balance is always important in decorating and when it comes to arranging your furniture in your room you’ll want to consider both size and placement of the various pieces.  Use a variety of different shapes, mixture of woods, glass and metals, these all create balance in a room. If you’re working with a large room, I would invest in a large coffee table, or better yet, if you can use two coffee tables together this can really add a sense of interest to the room. If your room is smaller, consider a round coffee table and off-center it to create space. It’s just as important to have easy access to the furniture, make sure you place tables near but not too close your furniture making it easier to pass through your furniture arrangement.

Ahh.. Lighting..

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I believe this is one of the most important elements of the room, because it sets the mood.  One thing to consider is the height of your ceilings, if you have tall ceilings, you’ll want to purchase lamps with a little more height to them, if you have your favorite lamp and it’s not quite tall enough, a little trick is to put some of your favorite books under the lamp just to add a little extra height. Don’t be afraid to use different metals, I love a good mix of metals, it adds interest to the room. Couple of things you want to keep in mind is the different types of lighting, remember lighting creates moods. 

One of the biggest trends now in the industry is can lighting, if you can incorporate can lighting I highly recommend getting a dimmer switch to create the mood of the room. This is cheap and simple to do. The same holds true for any table lamps, or floor lamps, purchase ones that offer three lighting options, using a three-way bulb. When you walk into the room, it’s important that lighting is placed on all sides of the room, to create a balance.

Placing Your Artwork 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging there pictures or artwork is that they hand them too high. Typically you want to place your artwork a little higher than eye level. Now I know what you’re thinking… “we’re all different heights”… You don’t want to struggle to see the the essence of the picture. Scale is also very important, consider your wall size, if you have a large wall, either create a vignette, using multiple pictures, or one or two larger pictures spaced relationally on the wall. Nothing like a mirror to make your room look and appear larger. What’s key about mirrors is that they reflect light, if possible hang mirrors across from windows, to reflect light. In a large open space this is less important, and a floor mirror works great.

Keep it Fresh….

I’m going to end with this…As each new season arrives, to keep things fresh without having to break the bank, consider adding in just one new color to add to the room. You can do this by simply replacing the cover on your throw pillows, or adding in colored candles, and fresh flowers and plants in relation to the season.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Top Reasons to Buy an Inventory Home

With an inventory home you get to see it before you buy and you have the opportunity to inspect every corner of the home to make sure you’re happy with the finishes.

It’s completely new, and backed by the standard new home warranty program.

Depending on the stage of the inventory home, it’s quite possible you could choose some design selections, such as the kitchen appliances, flooring or fixtures

Now that you’ve found the neighborhood that you want to live in, you can start living in your new home sooner than if you were to build from scratch.

It can save you money by limiting the number of custom add-ons during the selection process.

It makes buying a new home easy. With the large laundry list of things to do, buying a new home already completed and ready to go can certainly simplify your move.

Limits the amount of decisions you have to make. For some, building a home from scratch can be overwhelming, it requires a number of decisions… from the choosing your lot to brick selection to the type of flooring you desire. With the expertise of our professional designers, rest assure that our inventory homes come equipped with the latest trends and modern features that buyers are looking for.

If time is of the essence, and a pre-owned home just won't do, this is the solution for you. Take a look below at some of our current inventory homes....

Now available at Villas of Heath in Heath, 707 Paradise Ct. 3997 sq. ft. home is located on 1 acre home, offers 4 Bedrooms, 3 ½ Baths, Private Study, Large Open Family room, Game room and Media room, and 3 Car Garage. Beautiful views of backyard from kitchen and breakfast room

Now available at Broadmoor Estates in Lucas, 907 Westmore Ln. LoveJoy ISD, Amazing 4781 sq. ft. home on one story with a large covered porch/outdoor living room! HUGE kitchen with large island open to family room with cathedral ceiling accented with exposed beams, 5 beds, 5 baths and 4 car garage, beautiful detailed groin-vaulted ceiling in formal dining room.

Please check out additional Paul Taylor Homes inventory homes at Stone Creek in Rockwall.

For more information on anyone of these inventory homes listed above please visit: 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Kitchens...More than just a place to prepare meals.

What is it about the modern kitchen in today’s time?  It’s become “The Heart of the Home”…At parties it’s always the place everyone ends up gathering to share stories and recipes.

Perhaps it’s the aromas, the fresh brewed coffee first thing in the morning or the smell of dinner in the oven after a long day. I remember countless times having my kids do homework at the island to keep me company as I fiddled around in the kitchen. If you’re a foodie, it’s the place where you create. Most importantly it is the place your family gathers every evening to give thanks, or perhaps play the “High – Low” game.

Through the years the kitchen has evolved. Today it’s the epicenter of the home, open to the entire home and welcoming to everyone in it. Remember the old galley kitchens? The kitchen was sort of hidden from all open parts of the home. It was off to the side of the dining room and behind the family room, as if the cook was supposed to not be seen. And what’s even more, if there WAS a view it was from a tiny window that looked out onto the side of the house, and if you were lucky you had a little place in back of the sink to put a few potted plants.

Well not anymore, now it’s all about the BIG open concept, with large islands that pour into the breakfast room and from there continues to the family room, dining room and right on into the game room. Making it all that much easier to entertain family and friends.

The kitchen has become that place where kids join moms and dads to learn all about nutrition, where kids learn manners, and where everyone learns what it means to be blessed by good food and the hands that make it.

With the added sleek stainless steal appliances, beautiful granite countertops and skillfully designed cabinetry, it’s become a warm comfortable space in which you just want to hang out.

From baking cakes together, to watching clay school projects harden in the oven, kitchens hold memories. As times change, the kids grow older the functionality of an open kitchen has become more important than ever. From hosting dinner parties to making extravagant family meals when we are all reunited, the open flow and inviting d├ęcor of the kitchen moves to incorporate the whole house.

Here's a look at a few of our favorite kitchens. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

#superbowl50...Just add friends.

Awe… America’s favorite pastime… Here it is Super Bowl 50 ! Once again without the Cowboys.... What’s great about this upcoming weekend?… You don’t HAVE to like football, for most us it’s an excuse to throw a really good party, create a friendly football pool, watch the Puppy Bowl, the awesome commercials and of course The Half-Time Show. There's really something for everyone. The key is having space for everyone!  At Paul Taylor Homes.. we specialize in space, real livable, usable space! 

Need a big yard for your puppies? Got that... Large lots, acreage lots, close by parks, great neighborhoods.  You could even create your own Puppy Bowl. 

Check out some of our current inventory homes in Heath, Lucas, Rockwall, 

How bout a space for the guys. Got that.... Media Rooms, Game Rooms. Done!

Need over-flow space for All your neighbors. Everyone can watch the big game with this gameroom/media room. This creates a HUGE SPACE!

For all those non-football lovers....We have you covered. Especially because here in Dallas, the temp will be 66 degrees. Add a fire, few light blankets, favorite beverage, good friends. Done.

Face it, this is really where everyone ends up. The kitchen. And what a kitchen. Gorgeous beams add just the warmth needed, Plenty of space to put out all of your favorite football party dishes. 

Which leads us to.... What favorite football snacks will you be cookin up?


Friday, January 29, 2016

Outdoor Living Spaces, yes please!

Forecast for Dallas this weekend: High in the 70s, and evening lows in the 40s. Did I mention it was the last week in January? One of the perks of living in the south, we can pretty much live outdoors for a large portion of the year.  Perhaps that is just the reason we are building more and more outdoor spaces. It’s the perfect way to extend your living space.

In addition, an outdoor living space is not only a great feature, adding onto the living space of your home, it will also attract buyers when you're ready to sell. A National Association of Realtors survey shows more than half of the surveyed buyers would pay a premium for a home with an outdoor living space.  

Outdoor spaces make entertaining simple. Add a few candles, light the fire and add your favorite BBQ and beverages. Done.

Depending on the size of your backyard, it can be as simple as adding just a fireplace, creating a simple intimate setting. 

Imagine those perfect sunday afternoons cheering on your favorite team surrounded by good friends. 

It can also provide the perfect focal point to your estate-sized backyard. 

Whatever your design or lot size, at  Paul Taylor Homes we offer many different outdoor living space options to accommodate your family's interests. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

With Model Homes… Less is More.

Upon buying a new home the first thing we start thinking about is...Will my furnishings work with this space? Does my dining table work in the formal dining space, and does my bedroom furniture work in the master? Is my sofa too big or too small for the family room? Are my current colors going to match with my design selections? When a model home is over decorated, it can make it difficult to tell if your furnishings will work or not. 

Over decorated models make it hard to see the real “bones” or structure of the home. In other words, you can’t see the home for the furnishings. While it’s beautiful when every room in the model has a different paint color, added built-ins, and a ton of furniture and wall hangings throughout the home, you come away with great ideas, it can also be a little bit overwhelming. It becomes difficult to visualize how YOUR home will look, with your personal taste and style.

At Paul Taylor Homes we design and decorate our models so that it is possible for you to see what you are actually purchasing. That being said, yes, at Paul Taylor Homes our model homes do have upgrades, but not so much that you can’t visualize how YOUR new home will look. (We will always be clear about what is standard and what is not.) 

We focus on the floor plan and the construction of the home. We want you to see the size and space of each room as well as the flow of the home at first glance. To help with this, with the exception of the media room, we maintain one wall color throughout the entire home from the kitchen to the bedroom.  Keeping our light fixtures standard is just another feature we feel helps to show you just what you can expect. In addition, we maintain a minimal amount of furnishings, and wall decor so we don’t take away from what's important...the home.  Our goal is to simply generate creative ideas to show you how you can live in YOUR space. 

Take a look below...

Friday, January 15, 2016

Build on Your Lot with Confidence

“I’d love to buy a lot and build my dream home.” Years ago this seemed like a pipe dream for so many, but now builders are making this more of a possibility than ever before.  One thing is certain, before you set out to find your perfect lot, it’s important to find a builder that has strong “build on your lot” expertise.

I’m happy to say that in 2015 Paul Taylor Homes had a record year in the number of “Build on Your Lot” homes. And what’s more, we’ve been building homes in the Dallas area since 1979…. 

1979… The Bee Gees had the number one song in America, the show Dallas was one of the top rated TV shows, the most popular Christmas present was a walkman/cassette radio player… and The University of Alabama won the National Championship. The only two things in this list that still hold true here in 2016 is that Alabama once again won the National Championship…and Paul Taylor Homes is still building homes in DFW. Now that’s some staying power. 

So if you’re looking to build your dream home on your perfectly chosen lot, take a look at what we offer….

At Paul Taylor Homes we have a wide selection of floor plans available for you to choose from, whether it be side entry, or estate sized homes. We'll help you select the right home for your lot and an amenity package that fits your family's needs. 

Once you choose the floor plan and the amenity level and we’ll do the rest. We will be right there along side you through the entire process. More importantly, you will know the total cost of your home up front before we ever get started. 

Below is a sample of our Side Entry Designs...

4292 sq. ft. 2 Story, 4 Bedrooms, 3 ½ Baths, Formal Living, Formal Dining, Study, Open Family Room, Kitchen/Breakfast and Upstairs Game Room and Media Room, 4 Car Garage

And a sample of our Estate Designs...

5110 sq. ft. 1 Story, 4 Bedrooms, 3½ Baths, Formal Living, Formal Dining, Family Room, Study, Large Open Kitchen/Breakfast, Game Room and Media Room with a 3 Car Garage

Take a look at the link below and see a larger sample of the homes we can build on your lot.

After you have carefully selected the home you're ready to build,  it's quite possible that you can view one of these homes, either a completed home or one that’s currently under construction, in one of our communities. Contact any one of our Paul Taylor Homes consultants to discuss building one of our homes on your land.