Friday, February 5, 2016

#superbowl50...Just add friends.

Awe… America’s favorite pastime… Here it is Super Bowl 50 ! Once again without the Cowboys.... What’s great about this upcoming weekend?… You don’t HAVE to like football, for most us it’s an excuse to throw a really good party, create a friendly football pool, watch the Puppy Bowl, the awesome commercials and of course The Half-Time Show. There's really something for everyone. The key is having space for everyone!  At Paul Taylor Homes.. we specialize in space, real livable, usable space! 

Need a big yard for your puppies? Got that... Large lots, acreage lots, close by parks, great neighborhoods.  You could even create your own Puppy Bowl. 

Check out some of our current inventory homes in Heath, Lucas, Rockwall, 

How bout a space for the guys. Got that.... Media Rooms, Game Rooms. Done!

Need over-flow space for All your neighbors. Everyone can watch the big game with this gameroom/media room. This creates a HUGE SPACE!

For all those non-football lovers....We have you covered. Especially because here in Dallas, the temp will be 66 degrees. Add a fire, few light blankets, favorite beverage, good friends. Done.

Face it, this is really where everyone ends up. The kitchen. And what a kitchen. Gorgeous beams add just the warmth needed, Plenty of space to put out all of your favorite football party dishes. 

Which leads us to.... What favorite football snacks will you be cookin up?


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